old winery clubhouse ranch at the canyons video

When I sat down with the developers of Ranch at the Canyons in Terrebonne, Oregon, and they described to me their vision of building a first-rate clubhouse to be the social center of the Ranch I was thrilled at the opportunity to be the selected builder. Working on The Old Winery Clubhouse at Ranch at the Canyons was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever worked on and I’m so proud of the final project.

Mandala-Agency produced this 3D Flythrough of the Clubhouse and were kind enough to allow me to share it on my website. While seeing it in person is the best way to truly appreciate how awesome this project really is, this video gives a nice taste. I hope you enjoy it.

Perfectly situated on a natural rock outcropping with breathtaking 360-degree views of the Smith Rocks and snow-capped Cascade Mountains, The Clubhouse offers an accommodating environment for business and social events alike including friendly gatherings, business meetings, private dining and wine tasting.