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Steve Bennett Owner General Contractor Headshot

Steve Bennett – Owner, General Contractor

Steve is a lifelong Oregonian. He grew up in Salem but loved to come to Bend with his father to fish. Steve himself is a 3rd generation Bend resident.

Steve has operated Steve Bennett Builders in Bend since 1995. He spent the 15 years before that building custom homes in Palm Desert, California.

Daniel Wiens Project Manager Steve Bennett Builders

Daniel Wiens – Foreman

Daniel started working for Steve Bennett Builders in 2016 as an independent jobsite foreman. Daniel was born and raised in Bend and holds a Construction Management degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Daniel is also the Founder and President of an international non-profit organization called Journeyman International.

Planning and building a custom home is an adventure and a commitment. We all know that relationships develop to a higher degree when a project of this undertaking starts out with first hand experience, maturity, patience and foresight.

Steve has the reputation in the industry as one who builds relationships first with the subcontractors performing the work, second with his clients. Managing the moods and agendas of the sub-contracting trades is a challenge of its own. Steve likens this phase of the construction process to a music conductor directing a fifty piece orchestra. Harmonizing the notes “in tune” and “on beat” defines the piece. Controlling the collective artistry of the sub-contractors to produce the dream house requires the same patience, vision and endurance. But the final reward of receiving the “notice of completion” does not over shadow the personal relationship developed with the homeowner.

Steve takes the physical aspect of building the home very seriously, but he cherishes the long term relationship that evolves with his clients. Steve makes a commitment to this relationship as a forever stand. As long as his clients own their home, Steve will be available. This commitment is not isolated just to the custom home structure itself, but includes staying in touch and growing as friends through time as homeowners enjoy the beauty of their dream home, for years beyond the completion of the home.

With a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear and Civil Engineering from Oregon State University and a background in analytical engineering, Steve loves the challenge presented in custom home building and thrives on creating the best team of workers required to complete the job.

From the excavation and structural foundation to the choice of light fixtures and paint finishes, Steve Bennett Builders plans and manages the intricate process and stimulating artistry of home building.

Steve has worked with clients of all age groups and has built homes of many varying design features.

Whether it is hillside excavation, radius concrete foundations, masonry construction, green design features, custom metalwork or woodworking craftsmanship, Steve initiates and oversees each phase of the building process with special attention paid to quality of appearance. He strives for efficiency, the highest quality standards and develops the communication channels and scheduling to accomplish these goals.

Steve is recognized in the construction industry as a “hands-on” professional, specializing in the teamwork approach. His expertise in all facets of construction will ensure your new home investment. Like an artist, his watchful eye brings the masterpiece to life, driven by the willingness and expectation of doing it “right”.  His engineering background complements the analytical process required in building a custom home.

Steve Bennett Builders is a sole proprietorship. The benefit of not employing full-time tradesmen like carpenters, painters, plumbers, etc. is that Steve can hand select the absolute best craftsmen in Central Oregon most suited for each unique project. The sub contractors Steve uses are self-employed specialists and must deliver excellent results in order to earn more work. Additionally, since Steve Bennett Builders doesn’t build spec homes, Steve and his self-employed sub contractors dedicate their undivided attention to completing the client’s home rather than focusing on builder-owned spec homes.

Over the past 25 years, Steve has developed personal relationships with the most accomplished architects, interior designers and specialty subcontractors across the Northwest and he knows their strengths and capabilities. Steve can offer you his expertise in selecting the best team to work with on the design and execution of your unique vision.

“Building a sustainable home is not for accolades or recognition, it’s a gratifying by-product of emphasizing quality and homeowner satisfaction.” Learn more.