We broke ground on this gorgeous custom home in March 2012. After 19 months, this modern craftsman has turned out beautifully and has been one of the most intricate and fulfilling homes I have completed in the past 10 years. The design of the home introduced me to some totally new building concepts:

  • Exposed Steel I-Beams throughout the interior of the home

  • Steel hand railings and open cabling for the staircase

  • Polished concrete interior flooring with oak plank grid system

  • Silica sand sheetrock texture with fry reglet edge detail

  • Barn wood exterior and interior wrapped ceiling beams

I will update this post with photos of these new design concepts once we get some professional shots done. Here are a few teaser photos in the mean time. We hope to be putting together a time-lapse video of the entire project from start to finish in the next few months. Stay tuned.


This home was featured in Portrait Magazine and Bend Lifestyle Magazine for it’s creative and innovative design. You can view the finished product better on our Sunriver, Oregon portoflio page.